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Oct. 6th, 2007


“Die Vorahnung” kommt endlich ins Kino

Originally published at AlMoSt DoNe. You can comment here or there.

Lange ersehnt - endlich ist er da: der Kino-Start des neuen Sandra Bullock Film mit Julian McMahon: 11.10.2007. Diese Woche gab es 3 exklusive Preview-Vorstellungen begleitet von dem deutschen Regisseur Mennan Yapo. Hier ein Bericht, den Dancer über ihren Besuch der Köln-Vorstellung schrieb…

An alle, die sich den Film gönnen “Viel Spass”!! ;)

Die Vorahnung „Premonition“ und Mennan Yapo hautnah.

4 Oktober 2007, 20:15 Uhr Cinedom Köln:
Ich sitze im Kino. Eigentlich nichts Ungewöhnliches, da ich oft und gerne ins Kino gehe. Und doch ist es heute etwas Besonderes. Es ist keine normale Filmvorführung. Sandra Bullocks neuer Streifen „Die Vorahnung“ läuft nächste Woche an, und zum Auftakt wird der Film in einer exklusiven Preview gezeigt. Im Anschluss nimmt sich der Regisseur Mennan Yapo etwas Zeit, erzählt von den Dreharbeiten und beantwortet Fragen. Mancher mag jetzt lächeln, weil ich diesen Abend als etwas Besonderes bezeichne, obwohl weit und breit keine Stars zu sehen sind, und selbst der Regisseur bei den meisten Kinobesuchern keinen hohen Bekanntheitsgrad genießt. Aber wo wäre ich denn, wenn es anders wäre? Wenn Sandra Bullock hier wäre? Oder der Regisseur Steven Spielberg hieße? Richtig:. Ich würde draußen hinter einer Absperrung stehen.
Dass „Die Vorahnung“ meinen Geschmack treffen würde, wusste ich bereits bevor der Film angelaufen war. Das ergibt sich einfach aus der Kombination zweier hervorragender Schauspieler wie Sandra Bullock und Julian McMahon und einem erstklassigen Regisseur wie Mennan Yapo. Ich hatte hohe Erwartungen an den Streifen und wurde auch nicht enttäuscht. Ich sah eine Sandra Bullock, die ich so auf der Leinwand noch nie erleben durfte; einen Julian McMahon der überzeugte, ohne sich in den Vordergrund zu drängen, und einen Thriller, der die unverwechselbare Handschrift eines begabten Regisseurs trägt. Ganz große Filmkunst und ein echtes Erlebnis. Ich war gefangen, verzweifelt, voller Hoffnung und verloren. Ich habe an der Seite von Linda Hanson gegen das Schicksal angekämpft.
Anschließend durfte ich einen entspannten Mennan Yapo erleben, der geduldig mehr oder weniger sinnvolle Fragen beantwortete und über den Dreh in der USA plauderte. Ein sympathischer Kerl, von dem wir hoffentlich noch viel sehen werden.

Die Vorahnung ist sicherlich keine Fast-Food-Kost, und wird vermutlich nicht jedermanns Geschmack treffen, aber es ist der Beweis dafür, dass auch ohne aufwändige Spezial-Effekte ganz großes Kino gemacht werden kann. „Die Vorahnung“ - ein Film, über den die Leute reden und heiß diskutieren werden - und der bei allen Zuschauernd sicher einen bleibenden Eindruck hinterlässt – auf die eine oder andere Weise.

© 2007 Dancer, extraordinaryjulian.com

Die Vorahnung „Premonition“

Kinostart: 11.10.2007


Mehr Infos zum Film



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Sep. 18th, 2007


My newest obsession

Originally published at AlMoSt DoNe. You can comment here or there.

Well, obsession is maybe too much… but it’s kind of

I accidently stumbled upon an actor, Paul Blackthorne when whatching Monk. I looked him up and found he was in a “new” show earlier this year >> “The Dresden Files”. Started watching it and love it. I even ordered the first book of the original book series…

The show is about a private investigator & wizard who investigates mysterious cases like where ghosts, werewolves and so on are involved. He even has his own ghost at home - Bob, who once was a wizard himself until he was damned to live in his own skull forever.

However - then I found out that the show is cancelled and not to be returning for another season. And why? Because…

Like German Pro7 did with Nip/Tuck SciFi seemed to put it in a very late place to air and also did not much advertising… *grumbles* that’s terrible because as far as I noticed surfing the web & reading reviews people really love the show.

Now they are looking for another channel or so to produce it. There’s even a petition…

Show related Site
» http://dresdencity.org


If you have a minute and a heart for a homeless wizard, go sign it! Thank you!

The Dresden Files Season 1 DVDs @ Amazon


Jul. 22nd, 2007


Long Time

Originally published at AlMoSt DoNe. You can comment here or there.

I have not written anything in months so I feel I have to start again now. But whenever when I think about what to post I feel my life is soooo unspectacular *lol*

However - here are a few up to date pictures from my dogs…


Mozart 01 Mozart 02 Mozart 03

Asco & Lena

Asco 01 Lena 01

It’s from Friday evening :) so pretty new - have a closer look at Mozart’s very very long legs :D he’s amazing *lol*

Apr. 12th, 2007


Waste of Waste

Originally published at AlMoSt DoNe. You can comment here or there.

Waste - something that scares me recently … not because I had too much or I’d be phobic or something but we’re going to get a container today so we can get all the useless stuff out of basement and where ever else it is stored. My back is already aching in anticipation *lol*

Besides I’d love to try more designs with the WP but I love the recent one as well so I’m lost… another WP would make no sense either - am I nuts or what?

There’s some more I have to report recently…

1) Many new updates at EOJ - I’m quite happy with things proceeding recently as some very cute persons support us. :)

2) I wrote a short alternative ending for Premonition which I personally like, my romantic heart need and Dev stated “Weird…” - Well I decided to make use of my right of free imagination - it’s not totally unbelievable. If anyone is interested - you can find it at Poet’s Grove

There’s a lot more I guess but I’m afraid I don’t remember - “Fuzzy minds think weird” ;)

Mar. 20th, 2007


Show Premonition Cast (Sandra Bullock, Julian McMahon among)& Crew (like director Mennan Yapo)

Originally published at AlMoSt DoNe. You can comment here or there.

As you know I’m a big fan of Julian McMahon AND I’ve also been a huge fan of Sandra since I was young (loved movies such as Speed, While you wer sleeping, Practical Magic i.e.) - so it was like a dream come true when I learned they’ve done a movie together.

The movie Premonition premiered last friday in USA and UK and there have been very bad, even nasty reviews published before and after - things (words, statements ) that occur inappropriately even to people who are in no way related to the movie or the actors.

For people (and there are many) who saw and liked or even loved the movie - and want to participate in expressing their opinion and letting the concerned people such as Sandra Bullock, Julian McMahon or director Mennan Yapo know about it there is a petition online to do so.

» go to the petition

For everyone who likes the idea please feel free to spread the word. It’s a good thing! And this petition will find its way to the addressed people!

Mar. 5th, 2007


Dixie Chicks…

Originally published at AlMoSt DoNe. You can comment here or there.

I recently came to love the Song “Not ready to make nice” from the Dixie Chicks. I remember back when they were presented at CMA Awards as newcomers and performed “Ready to Run” with a spectacular stage show.

I didn’t know Natalie to Adrian back then. I didn’t even know Adrian. However - I watched “Shut up and sing” a few days back and was impressed or shocked about the whole affair about what Natalie had said what causes half US to freak out… and somehow I’m imressed of this woman still being straight and not afraid to say what she thinks and means…

And this is why I really really like that song so much. Listen to the lyrics and you’ll know what I mean..

» Dixie Chicks at Ellen Sept 20, 2006

» Dixie Chicks at Grammys 2007

I ♥ Youtube!


Feb. 17th, 2007


Adrian Pasdar on “The View”

Originally published at AlMoSt DoNe. You can comment here or there.

On thursday Adrian was guest on “The View”, you know that show with Rosie O’Donnell. I searched Youtube for it and thank to the one who shared it was able to watch it. And what to say - this guy is so damned cute. But see yourself…

heroesinbed.jpgAnd one more I discovered a couple of days ago… someone at a heroes LJ posted it I think, unfortunately I don’t remember who. Sorry, guy. It was a clip about a couple of men at the set of Heroes… very funny *lol*

» MyFoxLA: Hanging out with heroes

Feb. 16th, 2007


Mega Freeware Spiele-Liste

Originally published at AlMoSt DoNe. You can comment here or there.

Hatte das gerade im PC Welt Newsletter… gratis Spielespass en masse…

» Mega-Special: Die besten Gratis-Spiele im Web (UPDATE)

Viel Vergnügen!!


Another season of House & Bones *cheers*

Originally published at AlMoSt DoNe. You can comment here or there.

Great news : there are going to be a 4th season of House M.D. and a 3rd season of Bones. And of course, not to forget, another season of Nip/Tuck with an incredible amount of 22 episodes. Well, okay, the last one doesn’t honestly leave me that excited as I’ve not been the bigest fan of season three. Anyway - good news.

Another thing is that House is going on another 3 week hiatus - man, this is no fun. It sucks!! I really like American Idol, but…. it’s starting to get ridiculous - a huge hiatus for football … or was it baseball? Can’t remember, I’m not american, so… excuse me. Then Xmas hiatus, then a hiatus for premiere of American Idol, and now again…. *grumbles* how cruel is that?! Don’t like it - and I read that others are getting upset about it too.

Well, yet… tempus fugit. So sooner or later we’ll get to see more…. :D

Almost forgot… here’s the link where you can find the news (thank you to LJ:BitsofHugh)

» Variety: Fox renews ‘House’, ‘Bones’

Feb. 7th, 2007


Scott on Lifetime next monday

Originally published at AlMoSt DoNe. You can comment here or there.

scottbakula2.jpgI accidently stumbled upon a clip of an interview with Scott Bakula talking about his new movie “Blue Smoke” which is going to air next monday. All I know is he’s been my beloved Sam Beckett on Quantum Leap - one of my all time favorite shows ever on the whole wide world. Funny I just discoveredn - and of course instantly ordered - the first season on German Amazon. Hope they will release more soon.

However, thanks to Scottbakulaonline.com I found that clip and if anyone is interested in watching it can be found when you follow the link below. Enjoy ;)

» Blowing Smoke with Scott Bakula (on MyFoxLA)

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