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Ghost of Light

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{ the maintainer }

Me - well known all over the web as Fussel or also as Theoracle - got to the internet life I live when I 'met' Julian McMahon. Actually it's not been Julian but a character he performed - Cole Turner, the most loved and most hated demon on the WB's series Charmed. He got me with his smile, his charme and anything about him (he alway gets me enthusing like that, sorry)

However - he's been the reason for everything after all. Getting more into computers and internet, later webdesign, graphical stuff as well as creating clips and that kind of things. And finally he was the reason I started writing.

And now get all of this together and you got me - Fussel, webmaster of one of the biggest fansites dedicated to Julian on the web. And yes, I'm proud on it and after more than 3 years I still love it like on the first day.

Though I have already tried tons of ways to provide a private site or blog, I finally decided to give livejournal a try. Let us see where it leads us...

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